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BY: Artistas a La Obra

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Lightener| Size: 1000ml / 33,8 floz

Thanks to the PLEX protection technology, included in the new formulation, a complete hair protection is guaranteed and allows to obtain intense lightening in all security. Our powder creates a perfect balance between lightening and protection. The active principle, given by the condensation between amino acids and sugars, is characterized by an intrinsic conditioning properties thanks to the high capacity to hold the water. The union of the two components leaves the hair moisturized and silky. Ideal for all bleaching techniques, it neutralizes yellow reflections, making bleaching more uniform. The powder is compact and does not spread in the air. It does not drip or dry during the exposure time.

- Recommended mixing ratio - 1 : 1 1/2 ... Can be mixed with 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol.

- Light Gray Powder Bleach

- Made in Italy 

How to use: Mix a part of lightener with two parts of 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume peroxide in a non-metallic bowl, according to the degree of lightening you want to obtain. Apply the mixture obtained on dry, cleaned hair and leave it on between 20 and 50 minutes checking the development of the product at regular intervals, until reaching the degree of the lightening required. Once ready, rinse product completely. If you want to obtain maximum lightening, mix a part of lightener with 2 parts of 30 volume peroxide and apply on hair for 20 minutes. After the processing time, remove the product without rinse, and repeat the same application with a new product mixture. It is recommended, when finishing the decoloration process, to carefully wash the hair with an acid pH shampoo and subsequently apply an acid pH mask to balance the pH of the hair.

Warnings: For professional use only. Rinse hair well after application. Avoid contact of the product with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately in case of contact with the product. Wear appropriate gloves. Keep out of reach of children. Not to be used to decolorate eyelashes and eyebrows. Keep in a fresh place and away from the direct light of the sun. Use in well-ventilated places. Do not use on hair that is extremely damaged. The product may cause serious allergic reactions. Please read and follow the instructions. Do not bleach hair in the presence of skin eruption on the face or if your hair is sensitive, irritated, damaged or if you had reactions after having colored your hair in the past.

*For Professional Use Only*

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