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BY: Artistas a La Obra

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Professional Use Only | Developers | Size: 1000ml / 33,8 floz

Lavender Cream Developer + Plex
Lavender Cream Developer contains a small combination of blue and violet pigments which creates a lavender color in the formula, this color helps control warm tones during coloring or lightening process. This premium developer guarantees color stability on hair and avoids changes of colours during the application. The argan oils, the concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E provide hair with protection to the hair fibers during the chemical process and help maintain the hair healthy and shiny. ALO Lavender Cream Developer was created to work in harmony with ALO Professional products, however, it can be used with other color and lightener brands. 

With Argan Oils, Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Anti-Yellow and much more!

For best results, always follow manufacture instructions.
1:1.5 ratios are recommended for most mixtures. Wear suitable gloves. Contains hydrogen peroxide. Avoid contact with eyes, rinse eyes immediately if product comes into contact with eyes.

*For professional use only*
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