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BY: Faipa Cosmetics

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CITY LIFE | HAIR CARE | Size: 1000 ml / 33,8 fl oz

SHAMPOO FOR DAILY USE with argan extract for any hair type.
The Daily Shampoo is free of aggressive detergents. It is formulated for those who love clean hair daily with extreme delicacy. The argan extract enriched with polyphenols gives a strong anti-aging action and preserves the hair vitality.
CREAM FOR DAILY USE with argan oil for any hair type.
The Daily Cream enhances the anti-aging effect of the Daily Shampoo. The strong action of the argan oil in the cream enriched by vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as the famous omega-6, is what gives it an anti-aging effect. It also gives it a nutritive effect that moisturizes the hair and scalp leaving hair silky and soft despite frequent washing.

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